Green Justice Coalition

Ensuring the ‘Green Economy’ includes everyone!

Global warming is forcing us to go green, and the “green revolution” will be as dramatic as the Industrial Revolution. To prevent floods, disease, economic and environmental disruption, we must transform the economy and stabilize the climate. We need to act forcefully, we need to act soon, and we need to act together: communities, political leaders, congregations, environmentalists, businesses and unions.

Today’s fluctuating energy prices and declining economy are creating an opportunity as well as a challenge. The green wave can lower energy costs, put people back to work, and jumpstart our sinking economy. It can reshape the state's economy for the benefit of working class people and those who have been most overburdened environmental injustices like pollution and high asthma rates.

In December 2008, the Green Justice Coalition launched a campaign to bring home energy efficiency upgrades and jobs to Boston's low-income communities and communities of color. We are a partnership of community groups, labor unions, environmental and other organizations that support a sustainable, equitable, and clean energy economy in the Boston region. Low-income communities and communities of color have been overburdened by our unsustainable economy. We want to ensure that these communities are at the forefront of the growing green, sustainable economy.