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IB ImageMay 8, 2014:

Rally for an MBTA Youth Pass

For seven years, thousands of Boston's young people have been calling for an affordable way to get to school, work, and opportunity. 

Recently the MBTA has taken small steps to increase access for young people. They've extended their five-day pass to the whole week. But youth need more to make public transit affordable and accessible. The Youth Pass should be $10/month for bus & train, have no time or day restrictions, and be available for purchase by any youth between 12-21 years old.

The time is now.  Meet at 3 pm for a rally at Park Street Station and march to the Department of Transportation at 10 Park Plaza for a 4:30 pm speakout and press conference. Download the flyer here, sign the petition here, watch the video here!


June 5, 2014:

CLU Salutes Ken Rigmaiden, the Coalition for Social Justice, Jocelyn Jones, and Right to the City Vote

Join us at 5 pm for our annual Salt of the Earth awards ceremony at SEIU Local 615, 26 West Street, Boston (two blocks from Downtown Crossing and Park Street T stops). Beer, wine, and hors d'oeuvres run from 5 to 6; the program runs from 6 to 7; and then we'll socialize some more. Community Labor United's 2014 Salt of the Earth Awards will go to Painters Union International President Ken Rigmaiden, the Coalition for Social Justice for building a grassroots movement for social justice in southeastern Mass, Jocelyn Jones of the Attorney General's office, and Right to the City Vote for their work developing a shared community platform, voter education in communities of color, and increasing the political power of working class communities and communities of color in Greater Boston. .

To reserve a ticket ($50) or place an ad contact Jeremy Shenk, 617-723-2639 or We'll also sell tickets at the door.


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