Our Research Model: Supporting Organizing Campaigns

The cornerstone to successful joint community labor campaigns is research designed to support organizing. CLU crafts its research to meet the goals of its organizing campaigns in collaboration with its partners and organizers. In addition, CLU is making use of Greater Boston’s wealth of colleges and universities and has developed partnerships with the University of Massachusetts–Boston and MIT.

CLU’s research also includes Framing Reports. These reports lay out the political, economic, and social landscape in the region available for organizing community labor campaigns. In December 2006, CLU released its first Framing Report, entitled The Hourglass Challenge: Building an Equitable Economy for Greater Boston. The report demonstrates that low and moderate-income residents and residents of color have borne a disproportionate share of the pain in Greater Boston’s restructuring into a service economy built primarily on financial, business and professional services, educational and medical sectors. This economic harm has been exacerbated by policy decisions that have undercut local governments’ capacity to provide the supports and subsidies that low and moderate-income working families need to thrive in our region.

In 2007 we followed up on The Hourglass Challenge with a shorter report entitled Earnings, Poverty, and Income Inequality. In 2008 we released reports on Boston's taxicab industry and nonprofit teaching hospitals.

You can take CLU's Framing Report to your membership and your community. Our organizing and research staff, in collaboration with our Strategy Committee, created a PowerPoint presentation and group exercise as a complement to the Framing Report and a way to bring its information and analysis to the people. They are attached below. Please feel free to contact CLU staff at 617-723-2639 if you want assistance in leading the presentation and exercise with your members or community. We are offering these materials for community use, but we ask that you kindly give CLU the credit for preparing and producing them.

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Hourglass Challenge presentation5.12 MB
Running on Fumes: Boston Taxi Drivers Struggle to Make a Living1.55 MB
Earnings, Poverty, and Income Inequality1.17 MB
The Nonprofit City1.1 MB
The Hourglass Challenge3.38 MB
The GreenSolution874.78 KB
The Green Solution (8-page summary)303.06 KB
Green Justice Survey29.5 KB
Green Justice Issue Brief311.39 KB
Industry at the Crossroads.pdf354.11 KB
2009_Census_Boston_Income_Poverty_Inequality.pdf137.76 KB
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