Public Transit-Public Good

Fix public transit, Fund it, and Make It Fair

CLU's Public Transit-Public Good campaign brings together youth, seniors, transit workers and riders across the state to fix the state's broken transit system, fund it, and make it fair. We helped win $2.5 billion dollars in new state funds over the next five years and won "forward funding" so that regional transit authorities do not have to borrow money at the start of the year, then pay it back with interest when state money comes in at the end. The campaign also won two voting seats for riders on each transit authority who will oversee comprehensive service assessments -- what routes work, which need changes, and how better to serve transit riders.

Public Transit-Public Good rolled back huge fare increases on The RIDE, the MBTA's paratransit service, and we are now negotiating a tiered fare structure that would save RIDE fees to riders' ability to pay. We are also insisting that the MBTA implement a pilot Youth Pass program and protect youth, the most transit-dependent population, from fare increases that will keep many from school and jobs.

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