UPDATE: It's Not the End of the Line

Public Transit - Public Good: Rally in Fall River.
Public Transit - Public Good: Rally in Fall River.

Our communities are under attack. Transit riders will feel the impact of fare increases in Greater Boston & Western MA as soon as July 1!The legislature must act NOW to stop disproportionate fare increases on seniors, youth and folks with disabilities. We deserve equal access and equal fares.The GJC Public Transit-Public Good Campaign and dozens of other organizations will unite against hikes and cuts that unfairly target our communities and call for long term solutions to fix it, fund it and make our public transit fair!



We call for transit justice in our Commonwealth: fair short-term fixes and meaningful long-term solutions.

Southeastern MA, 5/31: Keep Fall River Running!

Herald News: Bus riders, drivers' union rallies for extended service hours
Standard Times: Bus Riders Rally for Expanded SRTA Service 

Coalition for Social Justice, Mass Senior Action Council and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 174 joined with the Bus Riders United of Southeastern MA in support of their campaign to expand service in the SRTA region and call for long term solutions to fund and strengthen our Commonwealth’s public transit system! 

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Western MA, 6/5: Bus tour of the PVTA 

The Green Justice Coalition joined with Western MA riders, workers and allies in their fight against proposed hikes and service cuts to the PVTA. Is it the right time to make cuts that greatly harm Western MA when ridership is soaring? GJC groups visited the Mayors' offices in Springfield, Chicopee and Westfield office - each mayor sits on the PVTA board. During this bus tour to PVTA officials across the region, Alliance to Develop Power (ADP), Mass Senior Action Council (MSAC), ATU local 448, GJC and Western MA Jobs With Justice delivered over 500 postcards from bus riders across the region asking them to not vote in favor of rate hikes and to fix it, fund it, make it fair!  

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Boone Shear from ADP joins MSAC elders in Springfield, MA.

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Community members meet with City officials in Chicopee, MA.

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ADP and MSAC speak with a reporter in front of City Hall in Westfield, MA.